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Vocdoni partners with Gitcoin Passport to offer Sybil-resistant voting

Sybil attacks, where a single individual uses multiple accounts to manipulate vote outcomes, pose a significant threat to the integrity of voting systems.

In the context of Web3 governance, where voter identities are maintained as anonymous or pseudonymous, the challenge of certifying that each voter represents a real person is even more significant. But by leveraging technologies such as the Gitcoin Passport, voting protocols like Vocdoni can prove a level of humanity of each voter, preventing fraudulent activities and reinforcing the legitimacy of each voting process.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the integration of Gitcoin Passport as an authentication and census creation system on our Web3-focused voting app

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How does it work?

From today, poll creators on can tailor their census by specifying the desired Gitcoin Passport Score (ranging from 1 to 100) and even set criteria for required stamps, offering a fine-tuned approach to determining voter eligibility. With our customizable "OR" and "AND" stamp options, poll creators can decide whether participants need to have any of the specified stamps ("OR") or all of them ("AND") to be eligible to vote in that poll.

For example, a poll can require voters to have a minimum Gitcoin Passport Score of 20 points, plus having a stamp from a service like Holonym, a privacy-first identity system based on zero-knowledge technology. Moreover, by adding zk-SNARKs anonymous voting by Vocdoni on top of that, you achieve the ideal blend of Proof of Humanity with anonymity.

A good Gitcoin Passport Score threshold for proof of humanity and sybil-resistance is at least 20 points.

For voters, it's as easy as it gets. Simply connect the wallet linked with a Gitcoin Passport score, and everything is ready to participate in the voting process.

Everything else on remains as always: gasless voting, end-to-end verifiability, and exceptional flexibility in configuring each voting process to precisely match the unique requirements of any given scenario; whether it entails anonymity, weighted voting, encrypted results until conclusion, and beyond.

What's next?

With this integration, you can set up votes using Gitcoin Passport as the authentication and census system. But we'll soon integrate it alongside other types of census, such as ERC20 or NFTs. That way, Gitcoin Passport will act as an extra security layer, keeping all votes Sybil-resistant.

With our Gitcoin Passport integration, we're paving the way for a more secure and legitimate Web3 governance. Try it out at!

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