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Vocdoni partners with Holonym for enhanced privacy-first voting

We're excited to announce a strategic partnership between Vocdoni and Holonym, to simplify the way users authenticate on digital votes while dramatically raising the bar for privacy. This system complements Vocdoni's other privacy features, including anonymous identity through zkSNARKs.

By combining Vocdoni's secure blockchain-based voting technology with Holonym's zero-knowledge identity verification systems¹, we're tackling the pivotal challenge of ensuring voter authenticity without sacrificing privacy. This collaboration opens a new era of Sybil-resistant, transparent and accessible voting, promising to enhance democratic processes worldwide for both Web2 and Web3 markets.

As of today, Holonym supports ID cards from 190 countries, enabling real-world use cases, and it's also ensuring one-person-one-vote votes in DAOs and Web3 communities via privacy-friendly KYC methods.

On top of Vocdoni, the open voting protocol, this integration will make possible new possibilities of governance that we can’t wait to make reality.

In the coming days, we'll launch our first integration with Holonym using Gitcoin Passport, with more direct integrations to follow. For more insights into this partnership and its impact on digital voting's future, read the full announcement on Holonym's blog.

¹ Holonym v3 marks a significant advancement towards self-custody by transitioning from zk-SNARKs to focusing on information-theoretically secure ZK proofs based on VOLE (Vector Oblivious Linear Evaluation). This architecture ensures that proofs are generated client-side on consumer hardware. While zk-SNARKs are limited to simple computations on these devices, VOLE-based ZK proofs significantly enhance prover efficiency by 1000x compared to zk-SNARKs. This improvement enables the protocol to verify arbitrary facts about credentials from various sources such as NFC-based passports, Aadhar, email ownership through DKIM signatures, web account ownership through JWTs, and potentially even Ethereum state trees, all on consumer hardware.

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