Vocdoni newsletter - Q1 2020

Newsletter Apr 17, 2020

This newsletter provides a quick overview of what we at Vocdoni have done during Q1 of 2020.


It has now been 2 years since we started this adventure. And for the last year, all we've done is put our heads down and our hands on the keyboard.

During all this time we've been building a universally verifiable, tamper-proof, censorship-resistant voting system that millions of people will be able to use from their smartphones. The roots for a paradigm change in digital voting and in the way we get involved with the causes that really matter to us.

Besides digital voting we are also putting efforts in developing a governance toolkit to facilitate the organizational workings of entities, from finances to members management and communication, reducing bureaucracy as much as possible, and building it in a privacy-centric way from the ground up.

We have many things in the pipeline and soon you will be able to discover them on your own mobile device.

📨 Coming up

During the first quarter of this year we've put all our efforts in developing the first usable version of the Vocdoni app using a stable infrastructure. It will be made available in the coming weeks for Android and iOS in the respective app stores, with a decentralized news feed, universally verifiable digital voting, organization profiles and decentralized user identities!

Subscribe here, and we'll let you know when it's ready! (If you've received this newsletter by email, you're already subscribed)

With the situation of confinement due to the COVID-19 many collectives need to maintain contact with their members while general assemblies and shareholder meetings are getting digital. If you know any, don't hesitate to let us know, we are developing a solution to facilitate it with anonymous voting, live-streaming and real-time results!

🤫 App Sneak peek

But... while you wait for the app, have a look at this sneak peek and see how voting will work and what censorship-resistant news looks like within the app.

If you are part of an organization willing to test it before anyone else and give us feedback, fill out the beta testing form.

📰 Posts

📺 To watch and hear

👨‍💻 New core team members

  • Ferran Reyes will lead our communication strategy and will support our client relations. He also brings a long list of connections from his previous experience in the social and collaborative economy as well as the blockchain space.
  • Roger Baig is bringing his experiences as a project manager and business strategist, he holds a PhD and three degrees in Engineering and Computer Science. Since 2011, as the research engineer at Guifi.net Foundation, he has led several EU-funded research projects and other flagship projects.

We also want to thank several project contributors who have been helping the project during these 3 months: Dani, Adrià, Arnau and Abel.

We continue looking for people who share the same values as us and want to join our team. If you are interested, check this and apply✍️!

🎯 Development

During the last years we have been designing and implementing all the architecture as well as adding new technologies such as zk-SNARKs. As we said above, our goal now is to get the first organizations using the application during Q2-2020. This is on overview of what we've done this first quarter to achieve this:


  • Important redefinition of the internal workflow based on agile methodologies
  • Better architecting and refactoring of core libraries:
    - Backend libraries in Go
    - Entity manager libraries, in Javascript
    - Vocdoni APP libraries, in Dart.
  • First voting development blockchain network launched
  • Complete refactoring of the APP data layer


  • First stable environment ready and internal APP testing of the MVP (release-0.1 code-name KISS)
  • Improved continuous integration, benchmarking and fixing some concurrency bugs in the backend components
  • Integration of libp2p messaging for backend components communication and discovery (replacing swarm/pss)
  • WebSockets connection optimizations between client and gateways
  • Public release of Eventual: a wrapped state manager library for Flutter developed in-house and now available for the community. It allows to track the evolution of pending remote requests and refresh the UI efficiently when relevant data becomes available
  • Jordi M. also released the Flutter Rust FFI. It provides out-of-the-box support for cross-compiling native Rust code for all available iOS and Android architectures and calls it efficiently from plain Dart. The community is loving it and it has already +150 ⭐ in GitHub
  • Testing of zk-SNARKs proof generator on mobile phones (40k constraints circuit only took 10 seconds!)


  • Entity manager redesign. Now it has better usability and will soon not require the use of Metamask.
  • First design of a Gateway incentivization mechanism to promote decentralization in the future
  • General assembly module definition and design. This module will allow holding general or shareholder assemblies digitally with the best user experience, maximum scalability and security
  • Much effort in bug fixing to have an even better user experience on the APP and a more fast and stable infrastructure, all ready for Android and iOS app store submissions
  • Establishment of the production environment. Now we have a production environment ready to use and another one for development and testing.

It's coming!

Thanks to these last three months of development, the release-0.2 will be ready very soon with some new features and optimizations we have been working on:

  • Entity Manager refactor and redesign
  • Scrutinizer integration on Entity Manager
  • Refactor of census data structure (several optimizations)
  • New PubSub messaging protocol (based on libp2p)
  • Several APP bugfixes and improvements
  • Several bugfixes and improvements on the Gateway backend

💚 Community

We have already +60 people in our community chats on 🦊 Keybase and 💬 Telegram, where we have been sharing news about Vocdoni and some interesting discussions have come out.

There's plenty of room for curious developers and enthusiasts, join us to not miss anything!

You can also keep track of our project on:

If you have any idea or suggestion we encourage you to contact us via Keybase or Telegram, but if you prefer you can email us, we always like to receive feedback!

And if you don't want to miss any news about Vocdoni, subscribe here.
👋 Until next time!


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