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Onvote: Reimagine Web3 voting

The world of decentralized voting is about to take a significant leap forward with the upcoming launch of Onvote

The world of decentralized voting is about to take a significant leap forward with the upcoming launch of Onvote, set for November 30th, with exclusive perks for everyone that joins the waitlist!

Onvote is not just a voting platform; it's a step towards a flexible, modular, and highly secure decentralized governance. It stands out with its commitment to the highest privacy standards, employing zkSNARKs technology to ensure complete anonymity in voting. This marks a new era in the participation of Web3 communities and DAOs.

Onvote leverages the Vocdoni Protocol -a common good protocol designed for digital voting- to introduce an innovative voting platform tailored for the web3 ecosystem.

Key Features of Onvote:

  • Privacy first: Vote anonymously -if you want- to avoid voter’s coercion and other risks associated with public voting.

  • Gasless and verifiable voting: Engage in governance without having to pay for it, with the confidence that your vote is counted through a universally verifiable p2p network.

  • Decentralized: Anyone can join the Vocdoni blockchain and validate the protocol consensus.

  • Census strategies: Tailor the census to your needs using different inputs to determine voter eligibility, whether is address-based, token-based (ERC20, NFTs and POAPs) or using 3rd party identities.

  • Multichain voting power: Aggregate your voting power across various blockchains to vote with all your tokens at the same time.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With Onvote's zero-config UI, communities, and users can participate in governance without any friction.

Join the waiting list to get benefits!

Joining the Onvote family early comes with its share of perks:

  • Get your token (ERC20, NFT or POAP) registered on Onvote from day one.

  • Receive a unique POAP that unlocks special advantages and lets you vote on upcoming features.

  • Obtain a custom subdomain for your organization.

  • Receive airdrops of tokens to create voting proposals.

Fill up this form to join the waiting list.

Coming on November 30th

What’s next? - Onvote Roadmap for 2024

Milestone 1: Onvote's Flexible Gasless Governance

  • Complex Strategies: Integrate any token from any blockchain using a blend of logic and algebraic operations, out of the box. I.e UNI AND POAP_XYZ OR DIVA

  • Social Census: Enhance your census with social identities from platforms like Github or Twitter. Include Sybil resistance mechanisms such as Holonym or Proof-of-Humanity.

  • Versatile Voting Methods: Whether it’s simple, ranged, or quadratic voting, Onvote supports multiple voting methods to adapt to diverse community needs.

  • Private Election Metadata: Only display voting proposal content to your community members.

  • Chainlink Integration: Enable automatic execution with optimistic support.

Milestone 2: Onvote's zkRollup for Secure and Anonymous binding Voting

  • zkRegistry: A global on-chain registry for zk (zero-knowledge) identities.

  • zkCensus: Create a trust-less off-chain zk-friendly census from an Ethereum block snapshot, with on-chain verification.

  • zkVoting: Facilitate anonymous, off-chain (gasless) voting for any eligible voter using the Vocdoni p2p network.

  • zkRollup: Consolidate all votes into a single, secure zkProof using custom zkRollup technology

  • Execution: Submit the final proof on-chain for binding execution.

Save the Date!

November 30th promises to be a landmark day in the world of web3 governance. By joining the waiting list, you’re not just signing up for a digital voting tool; you’re becoming a part of a new chapter in the democratization of the crypto communities.

Stay Tuned

If you filled up the waiting list form, expect an email from us in the coming days!

You can also visit and follow us on Farcaster and X.

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