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News Jul 10, 2020

Over the last 2 years we have been building Vocdoni, a digital governance platform with a built-in secure and universally verifiable voting system that uses decentralized technologies to make it both resistant to attacks and censorship, and anonymous (thanks to zk-SNARKs)!

Vocdoni's launch is coming up!

The challenge of governance is not only technological, you also have to adapt to the complexity of organizational structures and human behavior. Taking a closer look at how different organizations will use Vocdoni is a crucial step in our development process to be able to properly cover their needs and improve the UX. For this reason we want to gradually scale our launch and will start by testing the platform with a limited number of organizations that can give us quality feedback.

The first version of the platform will be available on July 15th for 30 selected organizations who can start using it before anyone else to improve communication with their social base, create participatory processes and even organize statutory processes. If you are an organization willing to boost your interaction with your social base, you're invited to participate!

What you receive as an organization:

  • Early access to the Vocdoni platform with all features for free (until the 1st of June 2021) and this in an exclusive capacity for a number of weeks before the public launch.
  • Assistance on how to use Vocdoni to broaden the participation and impact of your organization.
  • Special assessment of your feedback and needs.
  • Dedicated support.
  • Training resources (at least 1 webinar, FAQs and guides)

In exchange, we expect you to actively use Vocdoni and share your impressions and needs, and regularly report bugs.

Fill out this form to apply before the 30th of July.

Header photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash


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